Our Mission & Values

We are building the dominant global sports entertainment network built to entertain, inspire and equip the next generation of fans and athletes.

At Whistle Sports, We Embody Our Mission and Values in Everything We Do.

we make our partners win.

We talk less and listen more. We communicate often to understand their challenges and remove obstacles. We are competitive and do what it takes to work harder and smarter to help our Partners win.

we are one team.

That works together to solve big problems, we encourage one another, we jump in and assist every time someone needs our help. We only win when we thrive together.

we move fast to change the game.

The industry is changing quickly - we want creative plays and players, different approaches and want to burn the old rulebook. We win by launching and iterating quickly, and taking smart risks without fear of failure.

we remove "no" from our vocabulary.

We don’t have time for the negative, and we have too much to lose by saying “no”. Yes, ALWAYS. There is a solution for every challenge.

we are transparent and communicative.

We openly share information to drive awareness, education and conversation, ensuring we are all aligned to achieving our goals.

we are all leaders.

Doesn't matter if you just started, are a Whistle veteran, an intern or CEO. Take initiative, drive forward what you are passionate about.

we have fun.

Love what you do; work hard and have fun doing so, joke around and laugh, appreciate your co-workers, play cornhole and get outside and play together.

we embrace today's generation.

Think like one, act like one, be one. Find a way into their world to undertand their platforms, habits and dialects to drive us fowrward.

We Are Changing The Game

At Whistle Sports, We are progressive and bold. We show and tell. We Are Fun, Authentic, and Unexpected.

Whistle Sports is the fastest growing sports entertainment network built to engage and activate the digital generation on any platform.

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